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With the Power of Brand Deutschland

BREAKING NEWS... Russian fishing trawler with faulty diesel generator... BREAKING NEWS... 3 days to Kirkenes, Norway... BREAKING NEWS... power supply cut... BREAKING NEWS... production at a standstill... BREAKING NEWS

Owing to a fire, the power supply on a Russian trawler breaks down. There is no way of repairing it aboard. The emergency power generators can only manage the manoeuvrability of the 150-metre-long floating fish factory. The remaining power is far from being enough to continue the fish processing or refrigerating the catch or operating other systems. With the entire catch at risk, the crew is about to lose their reward for weeks of toil. If help does not arrive in time, the shipping company’s financial losses will by far exceed the cost of a new generator.

The first step for solving the problem of the crew and the shipping company is taken by calling Brand Deutschland. The machinery of the service specialists starts working when the decision is made to call Kirkenes, the nearest port in Norway. Only 72 hours remain to get the technical equipment and staff ready for the repair of the ship in distant Kirkenes. Just a normal job for Brand Deutschland GmbH.

It proves to be difficult to find a replacement for the diesel generator of the 25-year-old ship. However, with our network of specialised suppliers, it only takes us a few phone calls to order a replacement generator from a supplier in Hamburg. The transport of the 11-ton generator from Hamburg to Kirkenes in northern Norway is quickly organised. A forwarding agency delivers the spare part to the airport on the same day. Without sound knowledge and the right contact persons, however, the customs handling may pose a serious threat to the schedule.

No problem for Brand Deutschland! The air-freight company takes care of the export documentation in our name and presents the power generator to customs. We send all the necessary documents to the agent in Kirkenes so that he can organise the transport from the destination airport to Kirkenes the next day.

Decades of logistics experience enable us to avoid any further problems. Briefly after the trawler’s arrival, the service engineers we sent repair the damage quickly and efficiently. The broken diesel generator turns out to be the only write-off, all cooling aggregates are soon again running at full power and fish production can restart without any further delay.

This example proves that basic factors like storage capacity, networks of dealers or the excessive use of money and staff do not decide the quality of businesses in the service sector. The most important thing is to know how to use one’s resources all over the world for the customers’ benefits. This scores a point for One Stop Services by Brand Deutschland.

We can not be expected to have every kind of spare part for every kind of ship in stock. No warehouse in the world could be big enough for that.

But you can expect us to know how and where which parts can be acquired, which parts can be transported to which destinations and how your ship can be up and running as quickly as possible. To put it simply: We guarantee availability. You have found the right contact in Brand Deutschland GmbH.

We want to offer you more than just a wide range of services. What counts for us is that we are available for our business partners anytime and anywhere – quick, efficient and reliable.

In our section “Service Reports” we would like to show you how our network of logistics and service specialists can help you to keep your business going. For that reason we publish examples of our work on an ongoing basis. You will see that One Stop Services by Brand Deutschland is not a mere marketing instrument but rather the one and only way to provide the best possible customer service.