one stop services


The cost-effectiveness of a fleet depends primarily on its reliability. With our highly specialised technical engineers, certified spare parts and routines, Brand Deutschland takes care of the maintenance or reconditioning and fitting out of your fleet: from the precise planning to perfect organisation and final realisation with minimal idle time.

One Stop Services means for you:

From the smallest spare part to complete marine diesels, from technical customer service to the performance of all organisational tasks, from the repair of individual parts to the comprehensive maintenance or reconditioning, from emergency missions for damaged ships to the continued servicing of your fleet: No matter what service you wish for, you have found the right contact in Brand Deutschland!

One Stop Services means for us:

We perform all services of technical fittings, maintenance and reconditioning of your fleet in a safe, quick, flexible and cost-effective way. Our work is based on the highest international quality standards – every day and everywhere in the world. No matter what service you need, you have found the right partner in Brand Deutschland.

Just to give you an impression of our resources:

We not only provide marine diesels, spare parts, compressors, pumps, separators, and turbochargers, but also ship accessories such as anchors and air-conditioning systems, cranes or safety equipment from reputable manufacturers worldwide. Our spare parts inventory as well as the range of our services is geared towards your needs and knows no limits.

You also can download our spare parts inventory as PDF.

We provide engines and spare parts for example from following manufacturers:

Baudouin, Bergen Diesel, Caterpillar, CKD Motory, Cummins, Daihatsu, Detroit, Deutz, DMR, Dormann, Lister Petter, MaK, MAN, MAN B&W, B&W Alpha, B&W Holeby, MAN B&W License Bryansk, Mirrless Blackstone, Mitsubishi, MTU – Daimler Chrysler, Nohab, S.E.M.T. Pielstick, SKL, Sulzer, Volvo Penta, Wärtsilä VASA, Nohab, Wichmann, Perkins/Licoln, Scania... and others

We provide compressors and spare parts for example from following manufacturers:

Atlas Copco, Bauer, Bitzer, Hatlapa, Daikin Compressor, Deno Compressor Grasso, Espholin Compressor, Howden Compressor, Mayekawa Compressor, Sabroe, Sauer & Sohn, Tamrotor Compressor, Tanabe Compressor, Zwickauer Maschinenfabrik (ZW)... and others

We provide pumps and spare parts for example from following manufacturers:

ABS Pumpen, Allweiler Pumpen, Apollo Pumpen, Behrens Pumpen, Bornemann Pumpen, Desmi Pumpen,Dickow Pumpen, Hermetic Pumpen, Hamworthy Pumpen, Hydroster Pumpen, ITT Pumpen, IMO Pumpen, IRON Pumpen, Johnson Pumpen, KRAL Pumpen, KSB Pumpen, Leistritz Pumpen, Oranienburger Pumpen, PME Pumpenwek Erfurt Pumpen, Reichmeister Herold Pumpen, Scanpump, Sero Pumpen, Speck Pumpen, Sulzer Pumpen, Thune Eureka, Vickers Pumpen, Viking Pumpen… and others

We provide separators and spare parts for example from following manufacturers:

Alfa Laval, DVZ, HDW Turbulo, MITSUBISHI, RWO, Westfalia... and others

We provide turbochargers and spare parts for example from following manufacturers:

ABB/ BBC, KKK, Kompressorenbau Bannewitz KBB (HOLSET), MAN, MITSUBISHI, NAPIER, PBS Turbo... and others

      Our premium service-partners: